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Hello! Welcome to the Lakeview Accountancy blog, with an occasional update from the world of small business, accountancy and taxation!

You never stop learning. Not only because of continual updates to legislation and case law, but also by being involved in clients’ business. It’s not just from a tax or accounting point of view, though – it is always interesting to find out how stuff gets done, from wholesale to industrial cleaning.

However, today I learned how complicated it can be to buy a new printer. There are two ways: don’t think too hard and buy one that looks like it will do the job; or analyse the pros and cons of several models and look into the on-going costs ie printer cartridges. If you overdo this bit you can then get into a spiral of calculating cost per page per colour cartridge – an important piece of data as this does vary significantly – but worrying over fractions of pence differences is an indication that you have gone a bit too far. Then there is the issue of whether the cartridges are refurbs or genuine – and would the refurbs work ? I’m sure there is some sort of copyright protection going on here, but there seems to be a big market in this area.

Anyway, I finally selected what was in fact one of the first of the models I identified for review. Research is always useful, but sometimes you should just trust your instincts.

CB 31.08.12

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